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Ebbsfleet United wins FA Trophy final held at Wembley .

Ebbsfleet United football team wins FA Trophy final at Wembley in the first half. Saturday 10th May 2008, Wembley stadium.

Ebbsfleet United's win, displayed good performance for a young team in the match with Torquay at Wembley. 

Saturday was a remarkable and hot sunshiny day, Ebbsfleet United boss Liam Daish looked confident as he entered at Wembley, leading the team to the pitch where they were greated by a hugh roar from fans.

Midfielder Chris McPhee scored Ebbsfleet's winning goal, 45 minutes into first half of the game, which lead to Torquay's defeat in the FA Trophy final at Wembley.
The final score for Ebbsfleet - Torquay match 1 - 0.


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