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Olympic Javelin from Ebbsfleet to St Pancras

The London Olympics is estimated to deliver 240,000 passengers an hour with a train arriving every 15 seconds.

In 2009, trains will begin operation from Ebbsfleet International and start commuter services to St Pancras International London. Almost all the transport infrastructure related to the Games will be completed by mid 2010.
Ebbsfleet will form the primary of two designed park and ride facilities planned for public, Eurostar trains will not stop at Stratford during the games.
Events are planned at various locations:
The World Heritage Site of Greenwich, Regent's Park, Wimbledon, Lord's Cricket Ground,
however most will take place at Stratford near London city.

A special 15 minute commuter service from St Pancras direct to Ebbsfleet International will be set-up called the Olympic Javelin. Olympic Javelin service will provide an outter city alternative with cheap accommodation compared to London.
The low cost services such as Hotels in Ebbsfleet, provide commuters with huge benefits.


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