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Ebbsfleet Landmark - Art work project

The finalist name is Mark Wallinger, for the Art Landmark at Ebbsfleet. Mark Wallinger’s design of a White Horse wins.


Plans for Ebbsfleet include a landmark is a public art sculpture and could be compared to the height of Nelson's Column, Eiffel Tower or size of the statue of Liberty in New York.
Proposals by five artists were shortlisted and displayed at Bluewater shopping center in Kent. The project has a £2 million budget to form a exclusive landmark at Ebbsfleet.

The 50 meter art statue will be built near one of the first areas proposed for the 10,000-home development at Springhead Park.

There were just three finalists in the final draw Daniel Buren, Richard Deacon and Mark Wallinger.
On 13th February 2009, Mark Wallinger’s design a White Horse won the final vote. The White Horse will stand at 163 ft or equal to 33 fully grown horses, and could be seen up to 50 miles away. That could mean, on a clear day at the Canary Wharf in London you might be able to see it without a telescope!


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