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Gravesend in Kent

Ebbsfleet is located in Gravesham Borough, the main and largest town is Gravesend.

Long Description:

Gravesend is located next to Ebbsfleet in Gravesham Kent. Gravesend has been carefully restored, to preserve its history.
KING ALFRED, A fierce pirate by the name of HASTINGS, had the boldness to sail up the Thames to Gravesend, with eighty ships. There was a war for three years and there was a famine in the country and a plague too.
In Milton - Gravesend 1322, Aymer de Valence founded a chantry chapel which still survives today. Until the nineteenth century Milton was a village quite separate from the port of Gravesend.
Pocahontas born circa 1595 near Jamestown, Virginia, came to Gravesend. Her name was first entered in historical records in 1607 when she saved the life of John Smith captured by Powhatans. On March 1617, Pocahontas was returning to Virginia with her son, however, the ship got as far as Gravesend on the River Thames when Pocahontas became ill. She was taken ashore and she died saying "all must die, but tis enough that her child liveth." Her funeral took place on March 21, 1617 in the parish of Saint George's, Gravesend.


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