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Ebbsfleet, Kent

Where is Ebbsfleet? Ebbsfleet, is in Gravesham, Kent, Although another exists, in Kent, Ebbsfleet near Ramsgate ,


Where is Ebbsfleet?
Ebbsfleet, is in Gravesham, Kent also home to Ebbsfleet International station. .
Ebbsfleet holds great historical value too, as the people of Kent and the people of the Isle of Wight may well have had royal ancestors, whom first arrived at Ebbsfleet. Although there exists another Ebbsfleet near Ramsgate in Kent, most people will be looking for the first mentioned, in Gravesham. Ebbsfleet has a long history - In the year 597, Saint Augustine, was supposed to have landed in the shores of Ebbsfleet from France. Full factual history see Gravesend, Kent, also Ebbsfleet History

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