Historical Ebbsfleet Valley, Gravesham, Kent.      
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The newly built train station Ebbsfleet international will open doors to a future of new people at Ebbsfleet. However its history tells us it is not the first time.

Pocahontas arrived here nearly 400 years ago, arriving at Gravesham docks via the river Thames. The Ebbsfleet River formed from eight natural springs and was believed to be sacred to the Celts who settle in the area.

Meanwhile roughly 400'000 years ago Ebbsfleet was home to Homo Heidelberg a cousin species of modern human. During the Ebbsfleet development, excavations revealed a Stone Age site where remains of a single extinct species of adult elephant (probably weighing over 10 tonnes or ten mini's), were surrounded by stone tools. The site was uncovered by constructors at, Southfleet Road in Ebbsfleet, northwest Kent. It now lies beneath a roundabout near the Channel Tunnel Rail Link car park.

Excavations begun during the 1900's long before Ebbsfleet station was even planned, first for clay by hand then later in the early 1930’s chalk was extracted and transported by rail to nearby Swanscombe cement works via a network of tunnels. Cement from Eastern Quarry were used to build both the QEII bridge and parts of the Channel Tunnel.

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